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A New Perspective for Stroke Treatment

Inretio offers a new approach to clot-retrieving procedures and stroke treatment.

Inretio's solution helps to reduce complications and improves stroke treatment outcomes.

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Inretio was born out of the need to improve stroke care and reduce thrombectomy complications. 

Inretio has set itself the goal of reducing stroke's burden and patients' suffering by being a leader in the neurovascular field and bringing value to physicians with simple yet innovative solutions. 


Mechanical Thrombectomy

Mechanical Thrombectomy is a minimally invasive procedure involving the removal of a thrombus (blood clot) from an artery in the brain. 

The procedure is effective for patients that won't comply with drug treatment. 

The result of mechanical thrombectomy will impact the patient's life and long-term disability.



The size

Every 40 seconds a stroke occurs in the US. 85% of them are ischemic

the outcome

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the world. Nearly 6 million die and 4 million are left with a permanent disability

the cost

The total aggregate cost of stroke for US civilians is estimated at $103.5 billion per year

treatment challenges

Removing the complete thrombus and regaining blood flow only happens in 41-47% of cases. This is due to distal emboli caused by clot fragmentation 


Our unique patented solution offers a new approach to clot retrieving by:
Reaching distally to the clot
Opening our patented protective basket

As a result, potentially: 

Minimizing the risk of embolization
Reducing the need for repeated maneuvers in the procedure


Fewer Maneuvers 


Improved Revascularizaion

Better Results


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