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Inretio Announces a Successful Series A of Funding 

Exciting news from Inretio! We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our Round A funding, with $2.5M invested by Therma Bright Inc. Therma Bright is a leading company in the medical device industry, known for its innovative solutions and commitment to improving patient outcomes.

We are grateful for their support and the opportunity to work with such a reputable partner. This funding will be used to further advance the development and commercialization of our clot-retrieving device, PREVA. We are currently in the GLP phase and look forward to starting clinical trials by the end of this year. PREVA has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat acute ischemic stroke, and we are excited to take this next step in bringing it to patients.

We would like to thank our team, investors, and all of our supporters for their continued dedication and belief in our mission. We look forward to the future and the positive impact we will have on patients and healthcare. 

PREVA Receives 510K Designation Approval by the FDA

Inretio announced the FDA approval that the PREVA Clot Retrieval device is designated to go under the 510K regulatory submission track. 

While the device is currently in the process of the regulatory approval protocol of the Israeli Health Ministry, it is not far from submitting it and starting the process with the FDA.

Having the FDA approvement that the PREVA Device is suitable for a 510K program is an encouraging announcement for the company, as this program is often faster and less expensive than other submissions such as De-Novo. 

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PREVA Recieves Positive Feedback Post Animal Trials

The PREVA clot retrivals device recived excellent results in CBSET animal trails. The physician emphasized the ease of use, and the outstanding ability to remove the clot while maintaining arterial anatomy during and after the procedure. 

“From my professional point of view, the CBSET  swine experience was a huge success, and we superseded our goals… we were able to remove all soft and firm clots successfully from the Lingual and Cervical arteries, with angiographic proof of success and resuming the normal arterial anatomy thereafter.

Even Dr. Lynn was excited about the ease of use of our device and the impressive results related to complete clot retrieval and resumption of the normal arterial anatomy in the obstructed areas”.


Dr. Ziv Neeman, Director of Diagnostic Imaging Institute, Radiology and Vascular & Interventional Nuclear Medicine, Haemek Medical Center and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Technion Medical School, Haifa, Israel.

Inretio Receive Patent Approval in the US and CH 

Inretio receives patent approval at the USA and China for its Clot Retrieving system PREVA. Patent at the EU is future to be also granted soon. Inretio IPs are handled by Cohn De Vries Stadler & Co

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